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Hand Controls
Wells-Engberg Co., Inc.
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Mechanical control with a flexible accelerator cable going directly to the accelerator pedal assembly twist handle (same as motorcycle grip) to accelerate. Push handle toward brake pedal for braking. Control is mostly aluminum and is black anodized. Uses universal mounting brackets. Order either right or left hand. The cable design allows us to reduce amount of hardware in driver's area. This gives the driver more leg room.

To operate accelerator pull handle down toward lap. Cable attached to handle goes directly to the accelerator pedal assembly. Push handle toward brake pedal for braking. Control made mostly of aluminum and is black anodized. Uses universal mounting brackets. Order either right or left hand. Cable design reduces hardware in the driver's area allowing more leg room.
Rods attached to both brake and accelerator pedals. Rotate handle (same as motorcycle grip) to operate gas pedal. Push handle toward brake pedal for braking. Control made of steel and painted black. Uses universal mounting brackets. Right or left hand installed. The MC-25 is our most economical driving control. Very little interference with able-bodied drivers.

This control is operated utilizing air pressure in its own self-contained unit. The pneumatic control operates the brake and accelerator using a push-pull joystick with very little operating effort and a short stroke. These controls have been in the field since 1982 and have proven to be very reliable and, with proper maintenance, trouble free. All service can be handled by the dealer.

We make special instant (CHR-96 hand controls, less than 5 minutes to install for the 1996 and newer Chrysler mini-vans), and easy-to-install mounting brackets for the CT-100 and CP-200 hand controls. We have designed special mounting packages for the most popular vehicles.
Handicaps, Inc.
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#100 - SuperGrade IV Hand Controls
• Easily installed in cars, trucks, or vans!
• Controls the operation of accelerator & brakes! (Headlight dimmer & horn optional)
• Does not interfere with non-disabled drivers!
• Easy to operate! (Push forward for the brake & pull down toward your lap to accelerate)
• The IDEAL permanent solution for any car, truck, or van!
• Can be transferred from one vehicle to another (may require optional mounting bracket) This assures continued usability
• With this control you can accelerate and brake at the same time which is an absolute must when you are starting you car on a hill. People that have used a hand control without this feature truly realize the value of having it.

#122 - Portable Hand Controls
• Ideal for someone who is traveling and would like the use of a rental or loaner car for a short period of time.
• Installs quickly & easily using wing nuts to tighten the brackets to gas & brake pedal (2-15 minutes)
• To be used on a TEMPORARY basis only. Must be used on vehicles with automatic transmission, power brakes, & power steering. You must have moderately strong arms to use these!
• Portable hand controls MUST be removed for standard foot use.
• Includes nylon carrying case for ease of transport

Mobility Products & Design, Inc. (MPD)
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3500F Hand Control Foam Grip Straight Handle
Our foam grip handle was designed two inches longer in length than most hand controls, ensuring comfortable driving control and greater leverage when braking and accelerating.

3500K Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle
You will recognize this popular hand control. It now comes with a standard bent brake rod which allows the control to be mounted higher in the vehicle for your driving convenience.

3500KX Hand Control Knob Grip Offset Handle
This control has everything the 3500K offers, but with additional options. For instance, your installer can choose the handle angle to suit your preference. If you are tall, it can be angled around your leg so that you can reach full acceleration. If you have difficulty reaching the turn signal. The handle easily adjusts closer to the turn signal lever.

3502WHD with Wrist Support
This control offers a U-shaped handle with a foam wrist support and side hand guard, adding more wrist support than standard right angle controls for driving comfort.

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