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Steering Devices
Mobility Products & Design/Veigel North America
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3519 Steering Control Single Pin Foam Grip
You'll like the soft foam handle grip and the smooth steering mount. The secure grip gives you comfortable control and command of your vehicle.

3520 Steering Control Ball Grip
Our most popular steering control, the ball-grip presses firmly against the palm of your hand, giving you added strength and control for easy driving.

3521 Steering Control Hook Grip
Designed for those using a prosthetic hook (typical with two fingers). One finger goes on the outside of the ring, the other finger goes on the inside, securing you to the steering wheel for smooth handling.

3522 Steering Control Tri-pin Grip
Your hand and wrist are comfortably secure with this lightweight three-pin grip. The pins are fully adjustable, so you can easily find your individual comfort setting. An available counter weight takes away the Tri-pin Grip's weight, so you can mount it on the either side of your steering wheel. Easily replaceable foam cover for comfort.

3523 Steering Control Palm Grip
Only Mobility Products & Designs ofers you this lighweight aluminum wrap. You can adjust it to comfortably fit your hand, and its firm strength holds that shape for secure steering control. The soft, sheepskin liner protects your hand, and keeps you warm in the winter. An unique finger rest protects your fingers, plus the raised device keeps them from having little contact wiht the steering wheel.

3524 Steering Control V-Grip
With a foam-grip single pin and foam-covered aluminum wrap providing backhand support, your hand stays securely and comfortable in place. You can easily adjust the single pin to find the steering grip that's just right for you. Easily replaceable foam cover for comfort.

3525 Counter Balance
A counter balance may be used in conjuction with the tri-pin grip. The counter balance minimizes the fatigue to the driver offsetting the weight of the tri-pin grip wheather on an extended or short trip. This is especially important on vehicles equipt with modified steering systems. The couinter balance is readily removeable for ambulatory drivers without tools.

3700 Hand Control Push/Pull Control
The versatile tri-pin was designed to feel comfortable. It may be mounted for right- or left-hand operation, according to your preference It can be installed in a variety of full-size vans, including lowered-floor minivans.
Handicaps, Inc.
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101K Steering Device
• Mounts to one side of steering wheel
• Allows for easier steering using only one hand
• Essential when using a hand control!
107 Gear Shift Adapter
• Allows column mounted gear shift to be used with the left hand
• Essential accessory when left hand access is necessary
• Mounts easily with provided tools
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